Alberto Fernández's Harsh Criticism Of Donald Trump For Bolivia: "The US Backed Down Decades And Returned To The Worst Times Of The 70s"

Alberto Fernández's harsh criticism of Donald Trump for Bolivia: "The US moved back decades and returned to the 70s" Source: AP – Credit: Natacha Pisarenko

The elected president
Alberto Fernández harshly questioned
Donald Trump for his position on the
conflict in Bolivia. The future successor of
Mauricio Macri rejected the controversial
statement released by the White House in which US president
celebrated the departure of the power of
Evo Morales and highlighted the performance of the Armed Forces.

he moved back decades, returned to the worst times of the 70s, endorsing military interventions against democratically elected popular governments, "Fernandez said in dialogue with Radio 10.


Yesterday, the US government considered that
Morales's resignation "preserves democracy and paves the way for the Bolivian people to make their voices heard."

Fernández remarked that he does not share Trump's position and said that what happened in Bolivia was "bad" for the region: "There is no victorious army as the American government has proposed," he said.

The president-elect noted that the
Bolivian Army "stopped obeying its natural controls and turned against" de Morales. "I insist that all this happened after Evo called elections again. They still did what they did," he said.

The link with the US

He also revealed that yesterday he communicated with officials from the United States Department of State: "I let them know that the statement was very unhappy," Fernandez said.

"I want to have the best relationship with the United States, and that means being able to tell us things frankly. What has happened is not right. It has been plainly a coup d'etat. I could not disguise myself as something else," he said.

The president-elect hopes that Bolivia "will quickly recover democracy" and that there will be "transparent elections, without proscriptions."

In addition, the former chief of Cabinet
lashed out at the Organization of American States (
OAS), headed by Luis Almagro. "Is
a shame the attitude of the OAS, "he launched.

And said that
the audit that the organism of the elections in Bolivia did – that precipitated the exit of Morales – was "manipulated".

He also once again questioned the position of the Argentine government and Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie: "He said 'let the Bolivians solve their problems', but they don't notice the same with Venezuela. I don't know what Faurie needs to recognize a coup d'etat," he said. Fernandez




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