Albors Asks For Funds To Be Released For The Island That "confiscated" The Trump Administration

The aspiring resident commissioner for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Juan Carlos Albors, announced this Sunday that he formally requested the intervention of the Comptroller General of the United States (GAO) in order for the Trump administration to release $ 10.3 billion to Puerto Rico for the recovery of the island after Hurricane Maria.

Albors denounced at a press conference at the headquarters of the PPD, in Puerta de Tierra, that the Trump administration "confiscated" the island's money in what is known as an "impoundment." He denounced that with the confiscation allegedly there was a violation of Law 115-123 that prevents the federal Executive from seizing money allocated by Congress for other necessities.

“This week we learned, by voice of the secretary (of the Federal Housing HUD for its acronym in English), Ben Carson, that HUD has purposely delayed the publication of the administrative procedures that Congress requires in order to force about $ 10,300 in funds CDBG-DR for Puerto Rico, ”said Albors.


"Secretary Carson's expressions are indicative that the Trump administration tries to confiscate those funds from Puerto Rico, which is an illegal practice known in English as an" impoundment, "he added.

Albors said that with the closure of the federal fiscal year, on September 30, the "impoundment" occurred.

He explained that following the request to the GAO, which he made by letter, the federal agency must go to court to demand the release of the funds. He said that this process can take around 30 days. However, he acknowledged that it is at the discretion of the GAO to act.

Albors said that although the money was allocated by Congress, it was up to HUD to establish the administrative mechanism to proceed with the disbursement of the money, which has not happened so far. The $ 10.3 billion is part of an allocation of $ 18.5 billion.

“The confiscation of funds to Puerto Rico has already been perfected. Of the initial allocation of $ 18.5 billion, only administrative procedures for $ 8.200 of that $ 18.5 billion have been issued, ”Albors said.

In addition, Albors lashed out at the Washington-based commissioner, Jenniffer Gonzalez, for not acting on this issue.

"It is highly suspicious that the resident commissioner has not expressed herself on this matter," said the candidate who will be measured in primaries against the coach José Nadal Power.



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