Ale Sorchini Is The Tenth Eliminated From Exatlón USA 3

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The Contestants lost the circuit due to the permanence in relay duel and had to live their seventh elimination duel and now fired the newly arrived Ale Sorchini.

This has been one of the most dramatic elimination duels that have lived in the blue team, because although Sorchini arrived last Monday as a replacement for Jasmín Ibarra, the player quickly adapted and immediately began to score points.


Sorchini had to fight for his continuity in the competition facing Karla Salazar, who was several days off for a knee injury and also had the lowest victory percentage for blue women.

Photo: Telemundo

The pressure played against

Ale, during the elimination duel, broke into tears when he did not bear the pressure of competing in front of a teammate, and it is that such an emotional impact is difficult to carry with less than a week of competition.

Exatlón is a rise and fall of emotions, and time is the one that molds and adapts everything to withstand the impacts that occur in the competition.

Unfortunately, Sorchini did not have time to prepare his mind for this crude moment, and it was the hurricane of emotions that determined his elimination.

He made history in a short time

Despite the frustration and emotional pain that this elimination left Ale Sorchini, the Mexican left with her forehead up, because in less than a week she had eight victories, which no replacement or reinforcement had ever achieved in Exatlón States United.

"Nearly one hundred athletes have passed through these arenas in three seasons and. Ale, I can tell you with certainty that I had never seen an athlete in replacement or reinforcement quality that in his first week added eight points," said Erasmus to Sorchini before firing her.

"Those who arrive new many people at home think they arrive fresh and that is why they can have an advantage. That is a very big lie, because those who really have an advantage are those who have been here for a while," Erasmus said his words.

"Ale, you arrived and in a week you scored eight points. No one had ever done it! And that is something you should keep. It is not the result you expected, but you made history," said Erasmus.

Another promise that goes away

The departure of Sorchini left a bitter taste in the Contestants, similar to the sadness caused by the departure of Gabriela del Mar and, above all, the departure of Dilan Coronado.

What do these eliminations have in common with Sorchini's? Very simple: the three athletes were great promises and had a lot of potential to contribute to the team, but they lacked development time.

What would have happened if Sorchini, like Gabba and Dilan, had more development time? Surely they would be the strongest athletes in the competition.

Photo: Telemundo

Gabriela del Mar was on the rise and was becoming a fearsome rival for the Famous and together with Jasmín and Denisse Novoa they were forming a solid and almost invincible team of girls.

Unfortunately, when his team lost the circuit due to permanence because the reds froze Jasmine, and in addition Genesis Veliz, the girl of the lowest percentage, was injured, Gabba had to defend his permanence against Denisse. We already know the result.

Dilan, meanwhile, was a very agile competitor and was quickly adapting to the aims; In addition, the team was very well integrated.

However, the numerical disadvantage caused the team to lose the circuit due to permanence, and Jay Flores eliminated it due to his experience in these instances.

Now Sorchini joined that group that leaves the competition and wanted to see more of their qualities, but this fierce competition is that tough.