Genius Alec Baldwin Imitates Donald Trump And Drinks Disinfectant

There are probably many imitations of Donald Trump in the world, however, none of them are as impeccable as the ones performed by actor Alec Baldwin.

As part of a Mary Magdalene High School graduation ceremony, alongside the principal, played by Kate McKinnon, Baldwin once again played the role of Donald Trump to bring a few words to the COVID-19 class.  drinking chlorine directly from a bottle and talking things that are not real.


This new entry for the famous program portrays the graduation ceremony of some students who, due to the pandemic, had to be held via Zoom and with Donald Trump as the person in charge of providing the generational speech , this after the school could not count on the participation of Michelle and Barack Obama, Axl Rose and even the murderous hornets that arrived in Washington a few days ago

“My camera assistant got the virus, so I had to put on makeup and go through a Liza Minnelli makeup tutorial on TikTok,” he said of his appearance.

“Congr atulations to the COVID-19 generation , ” says Trump, who wears his famous red cap with the words “Make America Great Again.” “This day is not about me, it is about you, but I will have to do it about me because they have treated me very badly, even worse than they treated Lincoln,” says the US president in the parody, where several students try to contradict what it says and they are silenced from the video conference.

Wearing a red cap, he was surprised when he held a bottle of disinfectant in his hands to bring it to his mouth, as a result of Trump’s statements that suggested taking it to improve the symptoms of the pandemic.

“Don’t you hate when these elite medical experts tell you what to do? This is good invincibility juice,” he said as he took a swing off from the Clorox bottle.

The 62-year-old actor listed some jobs that recent graduates could work on, such as a grocery gorilla, gantry pirate, or hobbyist nurse.

“Surround yourself with the worst people you can find. That way you will always shine. If you don’t understand something, just call it stupid. Never wear sunscreen. And live every day like it’s the last. Because we’re going to let this virus go wild.” “he added.

Although this is not the first imitation of Alec Baldwin in SNL , it is the first in which he portrays the behavior of the President of the United States in the face of the coronavirus pandemic , which has greatly affected the neighboring country and which also caused Trump suggested that people ingest disinfectants in order to eliminate the virus or make people immune to it.

On the other hand, this parody of Donald Trump by Baldwin is in addition to the one made by Brad Pitt a few days ago , where the Oscar winner gave life to Fauci to deny some erroneous data about the coronavirus provided by Trump, such as the coronavirus vaccine, the topic of disinfectants and more.



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