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Alec Baldwin Rents a House Separate From His Wife’s To Protect Her From Covid-19

The 62-year-old actor rents a house in the Hamptons neighborhood of Amagansett to quarantine his wife Hilaria and their five children.

Alec baldwin He seemed to be taking it easy when his classic BMW broke down in the Hamptons neighborhood of Amagansett, New York, on Tuesday, until he finally got help from a mechanic.

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Alec, who won an Emmy for his Saturday Night Live portrayal of President Donald Trump, has been renting a house in the neighborhood to quarantine his wife Hilaria and their five children amid the Covid-19 pandemic, one said. source a Page Six.

“Baldwin has been commuting to work between Long Island and New York City for a project he’s involved in,” a source told the outlet.

Glengarry actor Glen Ross said in an Instagram post last month that the routine has not been “very fun” as he racks up miles of work amid the ongoing pandemic. “I’m here in this boarding house that’s close to our house, where I stay when I’m quarantined. I go to New York and work a little and come back and I have to quarantine myself here for a few days,” he explained.

Baldwin and Hilaria are the parents of five children: Carmen, seven, Rafael, five, Leonardo, four, Romeo, two, and Eduardo, four months old.

Baldwin was caught amid the scandal surrounding his wife’s alleged Spanish heritage, who was criticized on social media for inconsistencies in the stories she told the media about her education.

Alec Baldwin’s wife said she was born in Mallorca, but it was later revealed that she was actually born in Boston and sporadically she and her family traveled to the Spanish island.

A user shared videos on Twitter in which it was evident that his Spanish accent was not real and in which his parents even appeared, whose only relationship with Spain is having a summer house in the Balearic Islands. In interviews over the years, she recounted that she moved to the United States from Spain when she was 19 years old to attend New York University.

“You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin’s commitment to her decade-long scam in which she poses as a Spanish person,” said the person who shared the material.

The 36-year-old yoga instructor had to go out to explain via Instagram after several users reported that her Spanish accent is false and some of her former classmates confirmed that Hillary was raised in Weston, Massachusetts. “I have seen online talks questioning my identity and culture. This is something that I take very seriously and for those who ask me, I will reiterate my story, as I have done many times before, ”Hilaria defended.

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