Alejandra Ávalos Tells The Reason Why She Despised Luis Miguel

The actress and singer never wanted to have a fleeting romance with Micky.

It was the 90s and Luis Miguel Y Alejandra Ávalos They were two well-known singers in Mexico and abroad. Therefore, it was normal that they met and were also great friends, since even both belonged to the same label, Warner Music.


And so, in this mood of friendship, one day Micky invited the interpreter of Love me to a dinner, she thinking that everything would be a meeting of friends and him, with a view to something much further.

“He was in the company, I was one afternoon at my parents’ house and the phone rang, I answered and it was him, I thought there was someone who was making a joke, I hung up.”

“He dialed again and said: ‘Don’t hang up on me, Julio Sainz, the company’s director, gave me your phone, I wanted to invite you to a dinner at his house, I’m going to prepare a paella and I’m going to invite some important people, leaders of the radio in Mexico and we are going to release my new record material at 12 at night, but we are going to tune it in all the radios, ”he said Alejandra Ávalos in the program The minute that changed my destiny, that leads Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

During that first dinner, remember Alejandra Ávalos, Luis Miguel He behaved like a gentleman.
“He passed with a driver in a black truck, he didn’t drive, he had a driver, a security person, he and I, we went to Julio Sainz’s house. There were many executives of the record company and also important personalities and friends.” .

“That night we got along very well, we fell very well. I felt very affectionate, very kind, very courteous. From there he took me to my house. From there he continued to invite me to other types of events that I very much appreciated, ”he said Alexandra


And so two years passed, Luis Miguel inviting her to different events and she accepting, always keeping in mind that between them there could be nothing other than friendship. After that time, they finally kissed, but things did not happen as LuisMi I expected.

“I was very reticent because I didn’t want to go with Luis Miguel, I wanted to have him as a friend for my whole life. I liked him as a friend and I liked him as a couple or romance and I didn’t leave that easy because he didn’t have Luis Miguel in his sights, “he said.

“I didn’t have time for a steamy or ephemeral romance, I’m not one of those women who settle for having an affair, I told her, I want to be your friend for a lifetime, I don’t want to be an ephemeral romance in your life. In the end, he got mad at me and stopped talking to me. ”

The thing between them did not end well, as he related Alejandra Ávalos. The break occurred in Acapulco. “I went to his house in Acapulco, there was a lot of provocation and maybe there was some privacy in the sense of being alone and about him trying to approach me and I said no and he returned to my hotel with a driver and said: “If we do not have a relationship at this time, I will send you with a driver to your hotel, but we will never see each other again in life.”