Alejandro Fernández Shows Himself, For The First Time, In His Father-in-law Facet

During a family reunion to continue the celebration for Vicente Fernandez’s 80 years, El Potrillo posed with his son-in-law and daughter-in-law.

The singer Vicente Fernandez recently celebrated his 80 years of life in an unforgettable family reunion that took place at his ranch The three foals. Although the party was on February 17, Huentitán’s charro continues to be surrounded by his family celebrating in style.


Since that time, the dynasty Fernandez continues partying and it was precisely in one of those meetings that we could see Alejandro Fernandez in a facet that very rarely shows: that of father-in-law. In a photograph he appears next to his son-in-law Francisco, her daughter’s boyfriend Camila, Y Alexia, the girlfriend of Alex.

The foal He also posted on his Instagram account an invaluable family photograph with three generations Fernández. “We are still celebrating the 80s,” the singer wrote in the photo and labeled his dad, Vicente, and his children Camila and Alex. “I love them and that they are 80 more … Cookie loved you!”, He added in his publication also referring to his mother.

This is the first time that Alejandro Fernandez He lets himself be seen publicly with his children’s partners. The picture appears Camila smiling next to her boyfriend while Alex Poses hugging his girlfriend.

A little over a month ago, Camila He opened his heart to talk about this courtship that is very enthusiastic, because he said it is his first serious relationship. “I think I have never had to feel something so beautiful, it is there for me, it is a very good person who touched me, thank God I agreed (with him) in this life and well yes, I love him very much,” he said in an interview with Selling


In addition, he told the nice coincidence that there was from the beginning, because Francisco He was somehow close to his dad: “It turned out that we have many friends in common, life in common, the guy who makes the sound to my dad, who is his longtime friend, is his relative too,” he said.

Social networks have confirmed that Francisco he already knows his girlfriend’s family, because on Instagram photos have been published next to the twin of Camila, America, his brother Alex and his mother Guinart America, but it was the young singer who confirmed that her heartthrob already knew her father too.

“Yes, totally. Since we started dating, my dad met him and they liked him, which is good, ”he said during the interview.

Just a few days ago, at her cousin’s wedding Sissi Fernandez, the young woman was seen very in love posing with her boyfriend in front of the Cathedral of Guadalajara, where the religious ceremony was held.