Alert Of a Bug In WhatsApp That Allowed To See Your Conversations With a GIF

The National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE), warned of a failure in version 2.19.244 of the WhatsApp instant messaging application, which would seriously affect mobile phones with Android operating system.

According to the agency, through a malicious GIF the hackers could execute an arbitrary remote code on the phone, and thus access the conversations without the users noticing.

Apparently the error is in the libraries responsible for reproducing moving images, that is, GIF. Because of this, if a malicious person sends you a file of this previously manipulated extension, they can get to your personal cell phone files.


Fortunately WhatsApp has already fixed this vulnerability and has released an update to fix it, so all you have to do is update to the latest version of the application.

For this, you must enter the Play Store or the official WhatsApp page. Then select the "Menu" icon, go to "My apps and games", and once there click on "update" next to WhatsApp Messenger to download the latest version available.

However, although this problem has already been fixed, it highlights the security flaws that may exist in any application, including WhatsApp, which promises its users maximum protection of the content they exchange.

Only the month of July, two researchers from the cybersecurity company Symantec revealed another vulnerability on that platform, which allowed an attacker to modify the images and recordings that were sent before the interlocutor received them.

In this case, it also had to do with the way to store these files, since the application records, by default, everything that is received in the internal memory of the phone and that process could be used by a 'hacker' to place a virus.