Alex Cora Breaks The Silence And Apologizes For His Actions With The Astros

Former MLB manager Alex Cora is aware that the sign theft carried out by the Houston Astros in the 2017 season was not a men’s show and that is why he takes responsibility for being part of it.

In an ESPN interview with Marly Rivera, Cora broke the silence and takes some of the blame for the sidereal cheating in the 2017 MLB campaign, but without fully assuming it because he was not the only one involved.

Cora has been out of the spotlight since Rob Manfred and the MLB office issued penalties for both the Astros and Red Sox cases where they were also discovered for using an illegal video scheme in 2018, when the Puerto Rican was the main manager. But this was suspended for his actions with the Houston organization.


“Out of respect for the investigation, I decided to stay out of the spotlight. Talking about that was not going to change anything. I deserve my suspension and am paying the price of my shares. And I’m not proud of what happened, “said Cora.

The Puerto Rican does not blame a person for what happened with the Astros, he makes it quite clear that everyone involved is guilty and responsible for what happened. Also, Cora says that if her personal life is not going well, it is because of her own actions in MLB.

“I understand why people think our championship is invalid, and it’s our fault that they think that. I am being honest and I apologize for what happened and for the mistakes we made as a group, ”he added.

Cora apologizes again and again to the fans, understanding her disappointment and that he is currently paying for the bad decisions he made.

Alex Cora to @espn: “If there is one thing I am absolutely sure of, it is that it was not a two-man show. We all did it. And let me be very clear that I am not denying my responsibility, because we were all responsible. ”

– Marly Rivera (@MarlyRiveraESPN) June 11, 2020



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