Alex Rodriguez’s Reaction To His Liaison With Jennifer Lopez Will They Marry This Summer?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez met in 2004 when they were married to their respective ex-partners: she, with the salsa singer and father of her twins, Marc Anthony, and he, with Cynthia Scurtis, mother of her two daughters. However, the rumors of a love affair between the two stars began in February 2017 and it was not until March of that same year when the couple made their official courtship at the Met Gala in New York. Finally, two years later, he proposed to the interpreter of The Ring, while enjoying an idyllic holiday in the Bahamas. The former baseball player shared with his followers the image of the happy news, where you can see a huge square-sized diamond ring: “He said yes,” the athlete wrote. SEE GALLERY Since then, this wedding has become one of the most anticipated events of the year. On September 27, the Latin pop athlete and diva celebrated their commitment to a party surrounded by their closest people. “It has been incredible to be able to celebrate with our families and closest friends” is the message Alex shared, wasting complicity and love with his fiancee, who was spectacular dressed in white. Hours before the evening, the artist revealed that her children would approve the marriage if another member added to the family: “I think they would love to have a brother or sister,” he explained. “They love to have Natasha and Ella in their lives and have two additional sisters. We form a beautiful large family, and I think everyone will be delighted.” However, although neither has yet confirmed the day of the event, a source close to them has assured Us Weekly that the couple will say ‘yes, I want’ this summer. SEE GALLERY There are many who hope to see JLo dressed in white soon, but both she and her partner play the mistake as to the date of the link. Many media took advantage, last Sunday, the Super Bowl sports event to ask the former player about it. Access Hollywood was one of the media that dared to ask the athlete the question right after the singer entertained with Shakira the halftime break. Alex Rodriguez smiled and joked: “I don’t know anything about it” and making his daughter Natasha an accomplice, he asked: “Have you heard of that?” There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez and the athlete will be one of the weddings of the year and, given the enigmatic attitude of the couple, there are many who wonder if, finally, the couple will pass by the altar this summer or if it is just a lantern. Read more