Alex Verdugo Is Already With Boston In The Spring Training 2020 Of MLB – Major Leagues And Talks About His Injury

The Mexican Alex Verdugo is already with the Boston Red Sox and talks about his injury in the Spring Training 2020 of Major League Baseball (MLB – Major Leagues).

The Red Sox said they would not talk about the Executioner’s injury in the Spring Training 2020 of MLB until the Boston medical body did its part.


But who better than Verdugo himself, who is already with the Red Sox in Spring Training 2020 Major League to talk about his injury.


– Red Sox (@RedSox) February 15, 2020

And this Executioner said regarding his back injury:

“We are not going to set a calendar. We’re going to take six weeks here, let’s see how far I get to the end of the camp, whether it’s ready or close, we’ll see. ”

Executioner added: “There is no reason to hurry and get to the opening day if I am not completely back, because then I will start wasting my time with a new injury. for a long time, I could also keep it a little longer and make sure it’s 100 percent. ”

Executioner’s back injury is a stress fracture that has not yet healed completely. The Red Sox are happy with how they have progressed, but they will take it slowly.

And this was said about Ron Roenicke, the new interim manager of the Red Sox: “If all goes well, you may not be ready for the opening day.”



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