Alfonso Cuarón Reached An Agreement With Apple To Venture Into Television

Mexican film director Alfonso Cuarón signed an agreement with Apple, the technology giant, where he pledged to produce exclusive content for several years for his new streaming platform, called "Apple TV +," specialized media reported.

According to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, Cuarón projects, two-time winner of the Oscar for Best Director (in 2014 and 2019), are focused for the first time on television content.

The negotiation of the director of "Rome" and "Gravity" has been in process for some time, and in fact was courted by other companies that seek to bring Cuarón to the small screen, such as Netflix and Disney +. However, the final agreement with the apple company would be for up to five years.


The leadership of Cuarón's productions would fall into the hands of his company, Esperanto Filmoj, based in London, England. However, the pact will allow the Mexican to develop films and projects with other studios, except those that are focused on television consumption and that are direct competition of the new platform.

The announcement was surprising for those who expected Cuarón to expand or deepen their relationship with Netflix, the platform that issued the multi-award-winning "Rome", which had to be released in a limited way in traditional cinemas in order to compete in past Oscar awards.

Apple TV + is the new subscription service of the Cupertino giant. There you can consume original content starring great celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, among others, to which Cuarón will join.

Apple unveiled its new Apple TV app and Apple TV channels that it launched in May. This new application allows you to watch sports, news, movies and TV shows on different devices: from iPhone to Apple TV, through iPad and Mac.

The subscription television service, meanwhile, will be available from November 1, and will cost USD 4.99 per month and when you buy an iPhone, Mac or iPad there will be a free subscription year.

In addition to entering the world of own content, one of the significant novelties of Apple TV + is that it will be available on competing televisions and devices such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio and Roku, which highlights the will of the company to build a cross platform beyond its own hardware.

Cuarón lives the best moment of his career. After the success of "Gravity" in 2014, which won seven Academy Awards, the Mexican returned to his country to film "Rome", with which, among other awards, he won the Oscar for the best foreign film, the first time that a Mexican band achieves that achievement in this category.

"Roma" also lifted the lid of a pressure cooker in Mexico by demonstrating the racism and discrimination that persists in this country and that faced its main protagonist, Yalitza Aparicio.

The hiring of one of the most sought-after directors such as Cuarón with the emerging Apple TV + took place in the context of the so-called “streaming wars.” After Netflix's worldwide success and the fall of chains like Blockbuster, other actors have tried to plant it face.

However, one of the main threats, beyond the premiere of Apple's service, has been the company founded by Walt Disney, which will have a subscription that includes all its streaming services, that is, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu, for a cost of USD 12.99 per month, as confirmed by the company's CEO, Bob Iger.