Alicia Senovilla: “I Gave Birth To My Daughter Knowing She Was Dead”

Former TV presenter Alicia Senovilla has recounted the most traumatic episode of her life. Her daughter died during pregnancy and she had to give birth knowing that her baby had died.Alicia Senovilla is up to date these days for statements she has given about the “princess of the people” calling her, in a nutshell, ungrateful. She says that she has always taken care of and protected her but Belén Esteban not to keep a good memory of her. In fact, in Save Me, Bethlehem responded to this exclusive from Alicia asking her to ‘stop taking her name out for a walk every time she needed money’ and reminding him that “the only problem that you and I have had in our lives is that your husband wanted to be my manager and I said no. The end. ”The media soap opera followed when Senovilla’s already ex-husband wrote to María Patiño saying that Belen’s information was categorically false but, honestly, all this remains in crumbs when compared to Alicia’s true life trauma. mother of two children, fruit of her union with her ex-husband. Candela and Erasmus could have had another little brother but the misfortune fell on the family and the baby died in Alicia’s gut when she tied a knot in her umbilical cord. It was a girl, Alicia recalls, and comments: “When I was in labor, the doctor turned off the monitor, took my hand tightly and said: ‘You are not going to take it home’. ”He then clarified that:“ The girl has a knot in the cord and left her without watering. ”As Alicia Senovilla recounts:“ The worst thing for me was that I had to give birth knowing that my daughter would be born dead. ” I can not imagine what a heartbreaking situation, in addition, there is another detail that the former presenter has wanted to share: “I was given two options, or go out with her in a box or donate it to science.” Alicia decided to donate the body Baby to science, I guess, aware that this could help research. The truth is that there is no consolation for such an experience, to have to give birth when you have just been told that the life you had inside has gone out. Now Senovilla is able to verbalize this trauma so personal that, surely, it affected all the members of his family. Nowadays he has fallen in love with José Manuel Gómez Villar, surgeon, and turns all his love into him and his children trying to smile again after the traumas of the past.More stories that may interest youAlicia Senovilla responds to the ‘contempt’ ‘by Belén EstebanAlicia Senovilla: from presenter to trousers saleswoman Belén Esteban at war with Belén Ro