Alicia Villarreal's Daughter Suffers Attempted Sexual Abuse, Her Father Declares

Daughter of Alicia Villarreal suffers attempted sexual abuse, declares his father Arturo Carmona who pointed out that his daughter, Melanie Carmona She was attacked when she arrived at her school in Monterrey.

Arturo Carmona it was he who released the news by explaining that his daughter Melanie Carmona suffered aggression, tried to abuse it but fortunately it did not happen to adults.

My daughter was arriving at the university parked in a nearby street; one person squeezed her, she is hurting her shoulder, she was alone, fortunately, my daughter was safe and thank God she didn't get older, "she explained.

The father of the daughter of Alicia Villareal noted that Melanie Carmona She has security but because she was in a hurry to get to school, she didn't enter the parking lot and left her car on the street and that's when they tried to attack her.

My daughter has security, for reasons of time I can't get there, she has parking inside the university and she didn't want to stand in line but she has laments to defend herself, she said.

The father of the daughter of Alicia Villarreal He called on parents not to neglect their children regardless of their age, as he pointed out that this type of thing is neglected.

I want to call the parents attention so that they do not neglect their children and also notify the authorities. These are the moments when things happen when there is an oversight

Arturo Carmona He said that insecurity does not respect ages, that is why, he said, we must always be taking care of our children, knowing where they are when they leave to know how to proceed at an unfortunate moment.

Arturo Carmona noted that Alicia Villareal she is worried about what happened with her daughter Melanie Carmona but they continue with a lot of communication so that this does not happen again.