All Changes In The Premiere Calendar For Fear Of The Coronavirus

Updated: the cancellation of South by Southwest is confirmed, the film, music and technology festival of Austin (Texas) that was about to begin in a few days. The spread of the coronavirus in recent days, coupled with the fear of contagion and its effect on The international box office has led the film industry to consider postponing or canceling some of the most anticipated premieres and events. The first casualty was Without time to die, the 25th installment of the saga of Agent 007 that was scheduled to summon the public in mass from April 2, but now we will have to wait until November. Universal still has no confirmed date on the Spanish premiere calendar; We only know that it will be in the mentioned month (although in the United Kingdom it will be on November 12), but James Bond is not the only one who runs away from Covid-19. Estimates predict losses of up to 5,000 billion dollars for the film industry because of the outbreak (THR) and studies are making decisions. Including Spain, where we already have the first loss of the national cinema. Mulán (© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.); No time to die (Nicola Dove; © 2019 DANJAQ, LLC AND MGM. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.); A quiet place 2 (Jonny Cournoyer; © 2019 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.); Operation Shrimp (© JulioVergne, courtesy of Disney) MoreWithout time to die, he got off the calendar of impending releases after responsible studies, MGM, Universal and Eon received a letter from the biggest fan blog of the saga, KI6-HQ, asking that the premiere be delayed in order to “put public health above the marketing agendas”. The letter highlighted the economic impact that the closing of cinemas in many countries, such as China, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, would have on the film since “they contributed 38% of the profits achieved by Bond’s previous movie, Specter. ” And shortly after the news arrived. Bond goes into the fall. In turn, this Friday, March 6, the communication agency responsible for Operation Camarón announced that its premiere moves to September 11. This Spanish comedy directed by Carlos Therón about a rookie cop who infiltrates a flamenco-pop band – co-produced by Telecinco and distributed by Buenavista – was scheduled to premiere next week, on March 13. And, according to El País, the decision to postpone the premiere is due to the fear that the panic by the coronavirus affects the audience’s attendance in theaters. And indeed, the box office has been affected in recent weeks since they began to know more details of Covid-19 and its expansion through different territories. In the last weekends, the highest grossing films -Sonic, the film and The invisible man- they failed to overcome

the million euros (during the weekend of mid-February, Sonic added double). Shrimp Operation (© JulioVergne, courtesy of Disney) More For now, other imminent blockbusters remain intact on their release dates: Pixar’s Onward is already in theaters and a quiet place 2 still stands by March 19. that F9 (Fast & Furious 9) scheduled for May 22, Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5), Tenet (July 17) and Top Gun: Maverick (July 17). But keep an eye on this article because we will update it as changes or we have news. To the suspension of the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 that was being developed in Italy – the European country most affected by the coronavirus so far – adds the cancellation of the premiere of Mulán in the most powerful market in the world: the Chinese. The Asian country has closed theaters due to the outbreak of coronavirus and Disney has paused the premiere of the film by Niki Caro, both in that country and in Japan and South Korea. For now, Disney will have to wait to make cash on those sides while Mulán will land in the rest of the world. In spite of the rumors and doubts expressed in social networks, Walt Disney Spain confirms that both the premiere of Mulán and that of Viuda Negra, his two most imminent blockbusters, are currently moving forward for March 27 and April 30 respectively .Read moreMulán (© 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.) MoreThe fear of the spread of the coronavirus in places of mass influx led to the closure of cinemas in some countries, but also to the suspension of important events. On the one hand, this week there was going to be a massive meeting in London between some of the Disney + stars with the press. However, the visits were canceled and although the event went ahead, it was done without guest artists. In turn, other events postponed for later are the MIPTV – one of the meetings for the most important television market in the world – and the Canneseries that are held in unison in Cannes, France between March 30 and April 2. Both have been moved. The first to April 12-15, and the second to October 9-14. However, not everyone is succumbing to panic. Many meetings with the press continue to be held in regular cities like in London, where today we had interviews with the actress and director of the next premiere Breaking the rules (premiere on April 30). And the latest press releases confirm that the Cannes International Film Festival continues with its scheduled dates between May 12 and 23; although the SXSW – the Austin (Texas) film, music and technology festival – has been officially canceled on Friday after the withdrawal of several companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, as IndieWire reports. It was going to take place from March 13 to March 22. More stories that may interest you:



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