Alleged Canadian Drug Trafficker Arrested In Holland


A man considered a drug lord in Canada was arrested in the Netherlands based on an Interpol warrant, authorities reported.


The 57-year-old was arrested on Friday and is “of great interest” to law enforcement agencies in Australia and other countries, the Australian Federal Police reported Sunday.

In a statement, that entity affirmed that the individual was wanted after a 2019 operation that dismantled a drug trafficking network, and was accused of trafficking large amounts of drugs and laundering the money obtained. The Australian police will request his extradition.

Dutch police reported via Twitter that the individual was arrested at the request of Australian authorities via Interpol. Interpol did not comment.

The individual was not identified, under Dutch privacy regulations, but the press has pointed it out: Tse Chi Lop.

Australian police announced that they will work with the Dutch prosecution to request extradition.

The spokesman for the Dutch prosecution announced that an extradition hearing has not been set for now.