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Alligator Attacks Woman Near Florida Lake

Miami – A 43-year-old woman was hospitalized with serious leg injuries after being bitten by an alligator when she was walking with her dog very close to a small lake in Pinellas County (Florida’s west coast, local media reported on Wednesday.

The incident occurred when the woman was walking Tuesday with her dog tied in the vicinity of a small lake in the town of Palm Harbor and was attacked by an alligator about 8 feet long (2.5 meters).

According to a witness to the incident, the alligator tried in a first attack to take the dog as prey, but the woman reacted quickly and lifted him from the ground, with the misfortune that he slipped and fell, at which point the alligator bit the woman on the right leg and returned to the water, picked up the local channel Fox13.

The woman had to be rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries to the lower right leg.

Later, an alligator hunter sent to the area by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) managed to locate and apprehend the reptile.

According to the FWC, they always remove the crocodile involved in an incident because its relocation is not a feasible option and it is a risk for people because they always try to return to the site where they were captured.

Most of the time that they are captured, the alligators are handed over for the use of their skin and the use of their meat.

Last week a 25-year-old scuba diver in a Tampa river (Florida’s west coast) suffered serious head and hand injuries after an alligator attacked him and bit his skull.

The bite on his head was so strong that the young man believed at first that he had been hit by the propeller of a boat, until he realized that “it was inside the mouth of an alligator.”

“If the 9-foot alligator hadn’t decided to let me go, there would be nothing I could have done to fight,” Jeffrey Heim told the media at the time.

Heim had 34 sutures in his head, which had a minor skull fracture, although without brain damage. They also healed a bite on one of his hands and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Last May, the FWC warned the public to be especially careful in the coming months, as the mating season for alligators began that month and continues throughout the summer.

On its website, the FWC notes that alligators have their habitat in the 67 counties of the state of Florida, so they recommend those who go out for walks with their pets to stay “away from the water’s edge.”


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