Almost 700 Tons Of Garbage Leaves Christmas In Tampico And Madero

Lucero Reyes

Conurbation Zone / 25.12.2019 21:25:06

An average of 30 to 40 percent was the increase in waste during this December 25 between the municipalities of Tampico and Ciudad Madero, according to the report of the Public Services area of ​​both municipalities.


In Ciudad Madero, the generation of garbage rose by up to 40 percent, exceeding 320 tons, the aforementioned area revealed.

On an ordinary day 240 tons of urban waste are collected; However, due to the holidays in the homes, more waste was generated due to the arrival of relatives from other places and on the night of the 24th, where piñatas are broken and a large number of disposables are used.

In Tampico, the increase went from 300 to 370 tons for this December 25, being very light rocket garbage, said Public Services Secretary José Schekaibán Ongay.

He said that more is expected for this concept by the end of the year, since it is when more cohetones are consumed.

It should be mentioned that when attending the historic center and surrounding streets, the city looked clean, even saw area and machinery personnel, sweeping the areas.