Almost The Same Number Of Cured As New Cases In 24 Hours

ROME (AP) – The daily increase in the number of hospital discharges or recoveries from COVID-19 infection in Italy was just below the number of new confirmed cases.

There were 3,021 new cases in the 24-hour period from Thursday afternoon, the Italian Ministry of Health reported. In comparison, 2,922 people were considered cured, including those who were hospitalized or isolated at home.


The north of the country has been the most affected by the disease. In comparison, for example, the Lazio region, where Rome is located, registered for the sixth consecutive day less than 100 new cases. But Lombardy, where the first known cases of COVID-19 emerged in Italy in late February and quickly multiplied, still records high numbers, with nearly 1,100 new cases reported.

With 420 deaths recorded on Friday in the daily cut, Italy now has a total of almost 26,000 deaths of people with confirmed cases of coronavirus.