Amazing! Natti Natasha Surprised Dancing a Song By An Unexpected Artist

Natti Natasha is a 32-year-old Dominican singer-songwriter who specializes in pop and reggaeton, her career is on the rise.

The artist It is characterized by its particular charisma and talent for dance.

She usually uses social networks to show herself moving to the rhythm of the music.


During the last hours, Natti starred in a video that was all the rage on social networks, generating thousands of comments of all kinds.

It is a recording where Natasha is seen enjoying a song by a Colombian colleague. Yes! She is seen dancing a song by Karol G.

In the images, the singer is dressed in a white top and a printed skirt, moving to the rhythm of the song of the interpreter of “Tusa”.

The filming was uploaded to Instagram and had a huge reception from the public that did not stop commenting and flattering the Dominican.

The composer displays all her talent during the performance as she dances, sings and even performs to the beat as the seconds of filming progress.



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