Amazon Appeals Pentagon Decision On Millionaire Contract

San Francisco – Amazon filed a complaint against the Pentagon's decision to grant a $ 10,000 million cloud computing contract to Microsoft, claiming an "unequivocal bias" in the process.

Amazon's competitive tender for the “war cloud” project sparked criticism of US President Donald Trump and his business rivals. The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure project, or JEDI, disputed technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and IBM.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Amazon said that "various aspects" of the bidding process involved "clear deficiencies and errors, and unequivocal bias." He did not give more details.


Amazon added that "it is important that these issues be reviewed and corrected."

Microsoft did not respond at the moment to requests for comments. A spokeswoman for the Department of Defense said only that the Pentagon would not conjecture about possible litigation.

JEDI will store and process a huge amount of confidential information, which will allow US military forces to use artificial intelligence to accelerate their planning and combat capabilities.

Amazon was thought to be the favorite to get the gigantic military contract. Its division of Amazon Web Services is well ahead of the second Microsoft site in terms of cloud computing. In addition, he has experience in handling highly confidential government information.

He overcame previous legal challenges after the Department of Defense eliminated rivals Oracle and IBM and reduced competition to the two tech giants in the Seattle area and then chose Microsoft in late October.

The Pentagon was preparing to make its final decision when Trump became publicly involved in the fray in July, saying he had heard complaints about the process and that the government would "take a good look." He noted that other companies had told him that the contract "was not a competitive offer."

Oracle, specifically, had argued unsuccessfully that Pentagon officials had unfairly favored Amazon to obtain the contract.

Experts had expected Amazon to appeal the concession, claiming it had little to lose. Steven Schooner, a professor of public procurement law at George Washington University, said Trump's comments were "inappropriate and reckless," but said it would be a challenge for Amazon to prove that the White House applied undue pressure in a way that It made a difference.

Amazon reported that it filed its appeal in the Federal Claims Court, which handles financial claims against the federal government.

It is not unusual for losing bidders to file a claim, either at the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) or in court. Unlike a GAO assessment, Amazon's legal challenge will allow you to request government documents as evidence for your case.



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