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Amazon Introduces New Technologies In Its Customer Service Services | Voice Of America Inc on Tuesday announced the use of a voice recognition app as part of its business customer service services, as the company saw growing demand for its online tools during the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at the annual reinvention conference, executive Andy Jassy announced Amazon Connect Voice ID, which uses learning programming to authenticate or confirm the identity of customers who call its customer service lines. Jassy, ​​who runs the company’s online computing division, Amazon Web Services, said the app will create an impression of the voice of customers who choose to save time on calls. Companies using the service will define how reliable it needs to be for authentication to be automatic, or to require manual confirmation of a customer’s account. Amazon tests technology to pay in stores by simply showing the palm of your hand You only have to pass your hand over a reader that will recognize your hand by the wrinkles, the surface of your skin, the pattern of the veins and other peculiarities. It is a new technology that Amazon is testing in some stores in the United States before offering it nationally. Amazon is also adding a computerized learning tool that helps customer service agents find answers for customers and another that helps them personalize services. The announcement reflects the growing demand for Amazon’s online services, and for customer service tools in particular. Jassy said that the coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of online services for several years, with more than 5,000 customers opting for the Amazon Connect service for customer service assistance during the pandemic. The British supermarket chain Morrisons is an example of such companies. Voice authentication is Amazon’s latest work in the biometrics field, drawing criticism from civil liberties advocates. Amazon announced in June a one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition programs. Amazon used the event to launch many other unrelated products, including Trainium, which focuses on competing with Nvidia Corp and its powerful microprocessors for training in the use of algorithms for computer learning. Trainium will complement Amazon’s Inferentia microprocessor, which analyzes data from platforms such as the voice assistant, Alexa. Amazon Receives Federal Clearance for Commercial Drone Delivery Amazon is the third company approved by the FAA to deliver commercial packages via drone, after Alphabet’s Wings and United Parcel Service’s UPS Flight Forward. Amazon also announced a system for monitoring systems to predict the need for maintenance; vision computers for cameras in manufacturing, construction, or retail stores, and a search tool that allows businesses to enter jargon-laden questions and then helps the system suggest answers to them.


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