Amazon Launches Return Policy For The Holiday Season

Amazon has a new policy for the return of packages, for this Christmas shopping season.

The e-shopping giant offered the option of returning thousands of items for free, regardless of the reason for it. The return of the products could be made due to factory defects or simply because it was not what customers expected.

Among the objects that come into this policy are electronic devices, clothing, footwear, appliances, pet supplies and household items, among others.


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However, the return of products at no extra cost is only available in the United States, as it is where it opened more than 5,800 locations for this purpose. Some of these sites are the branches of Amazon Books, Hub, Whole Foods, Kohl’s and UPS.

Amazon customers can deliver the items even if they no longer have the label or the box with which they were received. All they will need is the QR code that the system grants when registering a return.

The company will accept the items if they weigh less than 50 pounds, are returned in less than 30 days after receiving the purchase and the specifications of each object are followed, according to a statement.

However, this policy will be available only for the end of the year shopping season. In this way, purchases made between November 1 and December 31, 2019 can be returned until January 31, 2020.

How to return an order from Amazon?

1. Log into your account at

2. In the "My orders" section press the "Return" option on the object you want to return.

3. Select the reason why you return the item.

4. Save the QR code that the system gives you.

5. Return the product to one of the authorized locations for this purpose, in a range of up to 5 miles near the address where it was delivered, by displaying the QR code.

In the next two hours, you will receive your money back on the card you registered with Amazon.

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