Amazon Opens a Supermarket Without Cashiers On Departure

Amazon will open a supermarket without cashiers at the exit, another sign that the online retail giant is really determined to revolutionize the sale of groceries.
It is a market valued at about 800,000 million dollars in the United States.
In the new store, whose inauguration is scheduled for this Tuesday in Seattle, the buyer can get milk, eggs or meat and leave without ever opening his wallet. Upon entering, the customer will scan an application on their cell phone. Cameras and sensors will track what the customer removes from the shelves. Items will be added to your Amazon account when you leave.
The grocery store, called Amazon Go Grocery, will be an expansion of the Amazon Go small store chain, created two years ago. It will have an area of ​​966 square meters (10,400 square feet) and sell more than the soda and sandwiches of the Amazon Go. It will also offer freshly baked bread, oranges, pumpkins and all kinds of groceries to prepare dinner or fill the pantry.
The sale of groceries is not new to Amazon. In 2017, he bought the Whole Foods supermarket chain, with 500 branches in the country, and has expanded its service by delivering groceries at home. But it is far from its rival Walmart, the first grocery seller in the United States, with more than 4,700 stores.
In the new store in Seattle, it will be enough to scan a single phone for the whole family to buy. Everything they take will go to the account of the person they entered. But the buyer should not help another who does not reach the highest shelf: the one who takes the item will pay for it.