América: Paul Aguilar Accepts His Mistakes Before Pumas VIDEO

José Andrés Díaz López

University Olympic / 07.03.2020 00:19:33

Although America rescued the tie at the last minute thanks to Henry Martín’s goal, Paúl Aguilar was responsible for the Eagles leaving without the victory of Ciudad Universitaria.


The right side of the azulcrema, was self-critical with his performance and accepted that both Victor Malcorra ate his back in the 2-2 of Pumas, as in the 3-2 when Juan Dinenno won him in the space to define.

“(I am) sorry for the last two goals that they make us; the only one responsible for us to go today with the draw and not with the victory is me. In the second and third goal they beat me first in front and also in the leaked pass win my back, “he said at the end of the game in CU.

He rescued that the Eagles knew how to overcome their mistakes, and now they must think of Atlanta United in the middle of the week, for the Quarterfinals of the Concachampions.

“So to work, the truth is that after that, the team knew how to overcome and nothing, to prepare what is coming and in the middle of the week there is an important game.”

Paul took guilt off his teammates in defense and reiterated that it is because they did not take the three points of the Capital Classic.

“The defense in general behaved well. Today we must recognize that for me it is that we go with the draw and not with the victory, nothing more.”