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America Prizes Renato Ibarra

One of the topics that undoubtedly interest the fans of the American Eagles the most is the situation of Ecuadorian midfielder Renato Ibarra. There has been a lot of talk about what will happen to this footballer, since his legal situation has complicated his continuity in the team.

Although in recent days the versions that there were possibilities that he could continue in the team were handled, the reality is that the board no longer wants him at the club. Renato himself confessed that he would like to continue in the team, but in the end his wish will not be fulfilled.

According to ESPN information, America is pricing Renato at $ 4.5 million, but they are also willing to lend it. In this way, a fact appears that Renato is not going to stay on the team, because he gives a bad image to the Americanist institution.

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– CESAR CABALLERO (@ ccaballero10) July 1, 2020


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