Americans favor maintaining quarantine measures

Americans Favor Maintaining Quarantine Measures

Washington – Despite a few protests, most Americans are in favor of maintaining the confinement and distancing measures imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, a survey indicates.

The survey, carried out by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, reflects that a majority of Americans even consider that in the short term the conditions to lift the restrictions will not be in place, despite the efforts of some governors to start resuming commercial activity.

More than a month after schools, restaurants, bars, and theaters were emptied, by which time remote greeting has replaced hugs and handshakes, most citizens consider limits on social interactions are appropriate.


Only 12% of Americans believe the measures have been excessive, 26% think they are not strict enough and 61% that they are adequate.

Eighty percent of the population supports measures such as forcing people to stay home and limiting congregations to 10 people or less, and that percentage has remained basically stable in recent weeks.

While the poll reveals that the views expressed in recent protests in states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are minorities, it also reveals that it is Republicans who, like President Donald Trump, seem most eager to open doors. of shops quickly.

Just 36% of Republicans are strongly in favor of stay-at-home orders, compared to 51% in late March. While the majority of both Republicans and Democrats believe that the measures in their communities are fair, more Republicans than Democrats believe that the restrictions go too far (22% versus 5%).

At the same time, more Democrats than Republicans believe the restrictions are not harsh enough (33% vs. 19%).

More than 45,000 people in the United States have died of coronavirus, while 22 million have applied for public unemployment assistance since March. That economic damage is what has led some governors to want to reopen the economies of their states, including in Georgia where many businesses – such as gyms, bowling alleys and tattoo parlors – will already be able to open as of Friday. The restaurants will be able to resume their table service starting next week.

Still, the survey found that just 16% of Americans believe that the conditions are likely to be lifted in the coming weeks for restrictions in their areas to be lifted. Although 27% believe that there is some probability of it, 56% believe that this is not possible at the moment.



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