Amid Protests And Criticism, Donald Trump Opened The Veterans Day Parade In New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

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headquarters, what seems justified

in the arrest of the saleswoman


of churros?

Gisel: President Trump

opens the parade number 100

of veterans and older, it

becomes the first

mandatory to attend this


alex: while the parade of

the veterans passed as

usually by the fifth

Coming near Madison

square park, the classroom

feel trump in the parade,

alter posters that should

veterans contrast veterans

who participated with the parade

They gave us their reactions.

he comes here to bathe us

to us, he has done nothing

For Latin, there is nothing for

the veterans.

alex: how does he feel

Have you been to the parade?

trump in a speech of 18

minutes, at the opening of the

parade thanked the veterans

a sacrifice for the nacon,

said it was the duty of

weave them by calling

Unón and that way.

briefly thanked the mayor

that was among the

assistants said he was

pleased that the president does not

politicized the parade.

signing a package of laws

to protect veterans and

go into poems, the

governor coamo said the

president trump hid new

york for between do

much better said that vargas


who took advantage of the visit of

trump to send you a message



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