AMLO Highlights The Respect That Donald Trump Has Had Towards The Sovereignty Of Mexico

– 9:06 – 10/24/2019

He indicated that in the coming days the agreement they reached with EU legislators on the T-MECFoto will be announced: Social Communication

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) today highlighted the respect that the US president, Donald Trump, has had for Mexico and said that his government has an excellent relationship with the neighboring country.


In his morning press conference, López Obrador asked that the video of Trump's speech be projected at the United Nations Organization (UN), where the US ruler mentioned Mexico.

"Mexico is showing us great respect and I respect them equally," Trump is heard saying in his speech last September 24 at the headquarters of the multinational organization.

López Obrador said that in the coming days his government will announce the progress in negotiations with US lawmakers for the approval of the Mexico-United States-Canada (T-MEC) trade agreement.

The president considered that officials from other countries should not give their opinion on internal matters that only correspond to the Mexican government.

"It is even in bad taste to do it, imagine that I declare that the strategy in the US is wrong … Each country has its independence, which is important, more so if it is neighbors, it is to seek cooperation, but not stand as judges and judge, "said the federal president.

He added that while cooperation is needed, it must be with respect to the sovereignty of each nation, and in this regard stressed that there is a very good relationship with the American Union.



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