AMLO Promised To Negotiate Immigration Reform “when There Are Conditions”

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, pledged on Thursday to talk with the US authorities to negotiate an eventual immigration reform “when there are conditions” to help Mexicans in that country get papers and regularize their stay.

However, the Mexican president explained that his administration will take the step “when conditions arise”. “You have to wait for time, because time is political. Now there are elections in the United States and when there are elections anywhere the environment is thinned, ”he argued.

López Obrador thus responded to the questioning of a journalist during his traditional daily press conference at the National Palace, where he lives and dispatches the affairs of the nation. The Tabasco also said that “there is an attitude” in the United States “of respect for Mexican workers.”


“I would say that it is of the two parties, the Republican and the Democrat, of the legislators, of the same president Donald Trump, but also of the citizens, there is not this that was wanted to be promoted in a time and that fortunately has diminished: to promote a anti Mexican attitude, xenophobic, racist, bad treatment, ”he expla ined.

For the Mexican president, “US citizens are friends of the people of Mexico.” However, the long-awaited immigration reform has been stalled in the US Congress for several years, despite periodic urges to revive such legislation.

Just in 2018, President Trump accused the Democrats, his opposition, that they were guilty of not advancing a migration proposal in that country. The party that controls the House of Representatives, for its part, accused the US president and the Republicans, who have a majority in the Senate, of being responsible for the hate speech against migrants that has caused the issue to be controversial and not A consensus to reform the necessary laws.

The last major migratory effort occurred in 2013, when the group known as “The Band of Eight”, referring to four Republican senators and four Democrats, presented a proposal in the Senate to reform the immigration and border security laws that He advanced in the upper house with an important bipartisan majority (68 in favor and 32 against).

However, the House of Representatives, then controlled by the Republicans, received the proposal but did not even schedule a vote in plenary, so, at the end of the session, it expired and the effort made by a part of Congress could not materialize At that time, the president was Democrat Barack Obama (2009-2017).

In the United States, 2020 is a politically intense year. In addition to the political trial against Donald Trump, who advanced in the House of Representatives and is in the process in the Senate, where there is a Republican majority, this is an election year.

The Democratic primary elections will begin next Monday, when the state of Iowa holds the first “elective assemblies” (caucus, in English) of the cycle, where several Democrats will compete in their attempt to reach the general election, where they will eventually face Trump, who is seeking re-election for the period 2021-2025.

The internal Democratic process will culminate in the summer when, after the 50 states and the six attached territories carry out their primaries, the Party will elect its representative to face Trump, who had no viable adversaries in the Republican primaries.



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