AMLO Thanks Donald Trump For Taking His Opinion Into Account

Jannet López Ponce

Tabasco / 06.12.2019 19:54:24

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador celebrated that Donald Trump has “taken our opinion into account” and decided to postpone designating Mexican cartels as terrorists, since he considered that his US counterpart is demonstrating with facts that respects Mexico.


"I also respect President Donald Trump very much because he is demonstrating with facts that he is respectful of Mexico, respectful of our people and respectful of our national sovereignty." Mexico is a free, independent, sovereign country, our Constitution is very clear we do not accept intervention , we do not accept that no hegemony, no foreign power decides on what corresponds solely and exclusively to Mexicans. "That is why we thank President Trump for respecting our decisions and for choosing to maintain a good neighborhood policy, a policy of cooperation with us and will always have our open hand frankly, extended to continue advancing together for the good of our peoples and for the good of our two nations. ”

From Dos Bocas, Tabasco, he reiterated that he has always been in favor of seeking peaceful solutions to conflicts because that is why politics was invented.

He said his government will have to solve “the problems of insecurity, violence by promoting productive activities, creating jobs, with well-being, ending corruption, with impunity, with the principle that peace and tranquility are fruits of justice” .

The President once again pointed out that previous governments have already shown that trying to resolve violence with violence is a failed strategy that “cost us the loss of many lives, the social fabric was affected, it is not with the use of force how we are going to solve the problems of insecurity and violence, you cannot face evil with evil, evil has to face good, you cannot extinguish fire with fire.

"That is why I thank President Trump who has made that decision to postpone any pronouncement and opt for understanding, cooperation and thus it is convenient to be at work, with attention to young people, with the strengthening of moral, social and spiritual values, without corruption and without impunity and agreeing to solve the problem of drugs, arms trafficking, currency trafficking, dollars, looking for other options and other alternatives. ”




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