AMLO Tomorrows Rival Donald Trump And Lionel Messi In Networks

The phenomenon of the morning conferences of President Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador remains one year after his government began.

On Facebook alone, the 248 morning press conferences that have been held until Tuesday exceed 63 million views.

These "circular dialogues" with representatives of the media throughout the country reach similar records in terms of reproductions on various platforms of official events or conferences of heads of state with great popularity on social networks such as the American Donald Trump or the Canadian Justin Trudeau even surpasses others like Frenchman Emmanuel Macron.


Yesterday, for example, a Trump Facebook post about Thanksgiving had 197,000 views in the first three hours; while the Tuesday morning at the National Palace had 282 thousand views just over five hours after being posted.

In the case of Trudeau, the last video of an official act was published in the same social network last Wednesday and recorded 436 thousand reproductions, for 392 thousand that had the morning press conference on Tuesday in the Treasury room, because last Wednesday No morning was held for the 109th anniversary ceremony of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution, a clip that reached a million 400 views.

The popularity of L贸pez Obrador's morning in social networks, and in particular Facebook, surpasses the publications they post of official events and even press conferences offered by dozens of leaders worldwide.

Last Friday, French President Macr贸n uploaded a 39-minute video of a press conference, which added 104,000 views. The morning of L贸pez Obrador that day exceeded 343 thousand views.

In this regard, L贸pez Obrador not only rubs shoulders with heads of state. The morning views of the morning are also in levels, and sometimes exceeds, videos published by soccer stars like Argentina's Leonel Messi or Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, both characters are in the top 10 with the biggest followers in this Same social network.

A couple of weeks ago, the Barcelona player posted an excerpt about a documentary by Cirque du Soleil, whose show is based on him. The clip of just over a minute and a half in duration recorded 429 thousand views. The morning of that November 7 exceeded 530 thousand reproductions.

The last video posted on Facebook by Cristiano Ronaldo was also at the levels recorded by the L贸pez Obrador morning press conference.

The former Real Madrid striker and current Juventus player posted last Friday a commercial in which he participates, the clip exceeded 411 thousand reproductions, by 343 thousand he had the morning of that day.

鈥淏lessed social networks鈥

The morning phenomenon is largely due to the "blessed social networks", as L贸pez Obrador himself calls them, and in addition to Facebook, the press conferences that mainly take place in the National Palace are also transmitted on other platforms digital

In the case of YouTube, the morning can be seen on three channels: that of L贸pez Obrador himself, that of the government of the Republic and that of Cepropie. On the President's personal Twitter they are also transmitted.

Another option to access the press conferences of the chief executive is the Spotify platform, whose podcast can be found as President AMLO. Morning conferences, and has the image of L贸pez Obrador with the presidential band on his chest and his right hand up, saluting.

In the description of each morning, from the first on December 3, 2018, there is a summary of the topics that were discussed in the press conferences.

In order to store all audios in this application for music playback, the Presidency of the Republic pays about 60 pesos a month.

It is noteworthy that the morning phenomenon occurs even though the average of the press conferences is just over an hour with 35 minutes.

The shortest was held on Monday, March 11, when L贸pez Obrador celebrated 100 days of government and in the morning he only announced, in 8 minutes, the closure of the Marias Islands prison.




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