AMLO's First Year, What Did He Do Right And Wrong In Corruption, Security And Politics?

In this issue of the Opinion Table El Heraldo de México – La Silla Rota, the editorial director of El Heraldo, Alfredo González, and the information director of La Silla Rota, Jorge Ramos, took stock of the first year of the president's government Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) in matters of corruption, security and politics.

To start the table, José Antonio Crespo, analyst and academic at CIDE, said that things are changing, as he indicated that there are differences with respect to recent years; However, he considered that the question is “how much can these goals be achieved?” such as reducing poverty or fighting insecurity. He said that as far as it seems "there is sincerity" to achieve these changes, although he reiterated that one must understand if the measures taken are close to achieving those changes.

Crespo said experts say the purposes are excellent, but that the way they are working is not going to be achieved. In addition, he reiterated that the debate with the AMLO government focuses on the answers given by the president, which he described as “disqualifications and arguments ad hominem”, so he rejected that a rational debate could take place.


On the other hand, Luis Carlos Ugalde, director of Integralia, pointed out that the political propaganda of the Fourth Transformation must first be rejected before the change, since he affirmed that this change will be seen if it was a change like the one proposed in 30 years. In this scenario, he pointed out that like any other government, that of AMLO has positive and negative aspects and in that sense, he considered that the most positive is the recovery of people's trust.

He also stressed that it is possible to discuss whether the expectations of the federal government are going to materialize in specific aspects, since he pointed out that there is also polarization in the country. He said that President AMLO "uses the arguments about reality in a capricious, selective, manic and sophisticated manner", which he affirmed, is common in populist leaders in the world, which from his perspective generates "a slippery and soapy floor" to be able to talk, which he noticed as the most dangerous of this government.

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