Amy Coney Barrett Refuses to Speak Out on Elections, Family Separation and Climate Change Issues

Amy Coney Barrett Refuses To Speak Out On Elections, Family Separation And Climate Change Issues

Washington – Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has refused in two days of testimony at her confirmation hearing to comment on many issues, including whether a president can unilaterally delay elections.

The issue arose when California Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, asked if Barrett agreed with a line from a 2013 opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts that “there is still discrimination in voting. ; no one doubts it “.

Barrett declined to say whether he believes racial profiling still exists in voting, saying he will “not comment on what no judge said in an opinion.”


The exchange occurred near the end of the second and final day of Barrett’s testimony.

NOW: @KamalaHarris asked Amy Coney Barrett if she agreed with Chief Justice John Robert’s quote that “voting discrimination still exists. No one doubts that.”

Barrett said she “won’t endorse that proposition.”

– PFAW (@peoplefor) October 14, 2020

Coney Barrett also wouldn’t say whether the Trump administration’s practice of separating migrant children from their families at the Mexican border was wrong.

Barrett was questioned by Senator Cory Booker about the practice during her confirmation hearing, to which she responded that she could not be drawn into a debate around the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

Amy Coney Barrett refused to say whether or not she thinks child separation is wrong.@SenBooker‘s question was simple, Judge Barrett – and your lack of a response is appalling.#WeDissent #OurCourt #WhatsAtStake

– PFAW (@peoplefor) October 14, 2020

The Trump administration separated more than 2,500 migrant children from their parents on the country’s southern border during the spring and summer of 2018. The practice was widely viewed as inhumane by leaders, lawmakers, and religious groups around the world, including the pope. Francisco.

Later investigations concluded that probably thousands more were separated from their families, but the lack of government registration made it impossible to really know how many. The government continues to face a court case over the policy.

As for climate change, he said he cannot express an opinion because it is a “very controversial public policy issue.”

Harris asked Barrett a series of questions, including whether he believes the coronavirus is infectious, whether smoking causes cancer, and whether “climate change is happening and is threatening the air we breathe and the water we drink.”

The Indiana judge replied that she does believe that the coronavirus is infectious and that smoking causes cancer, but declined to respond on climate change, saying it is “a very controversial topic of public debate, and I will not, I will not express an opinion. on a public policy issue, especially one that is politically controversial. “

Scientists say that climate change is man-made, caused by people burning fossil fuels, and that it is getting drastically worse.

.@KamalaHarris to Amy Coney Barrett: You’ve made your point that you think climate change is debatable 🔥

– DJ Koessler (@DJKoessler) October 14, 2020



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