Amy Coney Barrett Sworn in as Justice of the United States Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In As Justice Of The United States Supreme Court

Washington – Amy Coney Barrett was formally sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice Tuesday before Chief Justice John Roberts. Your first votes could include two issues important to the president who appointed you.

The court is studying an appeal by President Donald Trump to prevent the Manhattan prosecutor from obtaining his tax returns. It also weighs appeals from the Trump campaign and Republicans to shorten the deadline for receiving and counting absentee votes in the contested states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

There is no certainty that Barrett is involved in those cases, but the decision is his.


Barrett was conformed by the Senate on Monday by 52 votes to 48 corresponding to the party blocks. He will begin his work in the Supreme Court on Tuesday after taking the second of two oaths that federal law requires of judges. No other judge has taken office on the eve of a presidential election or addressed issues so directly linked to the president’s political and personal fortune.

At 48, she is the youngest judge since Clarence Thomas entered in 1991 at age 43.

There are other electoral matters pending before the court, which will be heard next week in a case that pits LGBTQ rights with religious freedom. The fate of the law to reform the public health system approved during the presidency of Barack Obama will be at stake on November 10. “I hope they put an end to it,” Trump said in a television interview.

On Friday, Barrett, the most outspoken opponent of abortion law to enter court in decades, could weigh in on Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. The state is appealing lower court rulings that overturned the ban.

Barrett refused to accept the Democratic claim that he withdraw from any controversial cause, including a possible post-election dispute over the election results,



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