Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg close ranks with Joe Biden

Amy Klobuchar And Pete Buttigieg Close Ranks With Joe Biden

Without being rivals, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg joined Monday in their support for the presidential candidacy of Joe Biden, a hurried effort by the moderate wing of the Democratic Party to push the former vice president when there are only a few hours left before the crucial supermartens in several states begin.

The urgency to act reflects the deep concern among Democratic leaders that Bernie Sanders, a progressive pre-candidate with a controversial platform, is headed to gain a significant advantage in the number of delegates on Tuesday, the day 14 states and a US territory will effect. their party assemblies.

Klobuchar suspended his campaign and backed Biden on Monday, a day after Buttigieg announced that he was leaving the race. Klobuchar and Buttigieg, who had been Biden’s main competitors in the fight to win over the most moderate voters of their party over the past year, publicly declared their support for the former vice president at nighttime events in Dallas.


“I’m looking for a leader, I’m looking for a president, who will bring out the best in each of us,” Buttigieg said with Biden. “We have found that leader in the vice president, who will soon be president, Joe Biden.”

Speaking at a Biden rally later, Klobuchar called for unity: “If we spend the next four months dividing our party and criticizing each other we will spend the next four years watching Donald Trump tear our country apart,” he claimed. “We need to unite our party and our country.”

Whether you supported Pete, Amy, Beto, or any other candidate in this race – know that there is a home for you in our campaign. I will do everything I can to earn your vote.

– Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) (@JoeBiden) March 3, 2020

The surprising events arrive at a crucial crossroads in the turbulent season of the Democratic primary, while the party is struggling to unify around a clear message or a messenger in its urgent effort to defeat President Trump. However, now that a range of candidates who used to have more than two dozen contracts to a handful, the outlook for elementary voters looks clearer.

At one extreme is Biden, a 77-year-old career politician who represents a pragmatic approach to governance that emphasizes reaching bipartisan agreements and making more modest changes. On the other is Sanders, 78, who claims to be a socialist and who for decades has demanded radical liberal changes to transform the political and economic systems of the nation.

But the contest is far from being only between two candidates.

New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg, in particular, could create problems for Biden in his appeal to Democratic leaders. The former New York mayor, who will appear for the first time on the 2020 ballots on Tuesday, has invested more than $ 500 million in his nomination for the Democratic presidential candidacy and has won the support of many prominent figures.

And Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has struggled to gather delegates and gain momentum over the past month, has promised that she will continue in the contest until the national party convention to be held in July.



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