An Afghan Family Evacuated From Spain Loses Their Daughter In An Avalanche At Kabul Airport

Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense, has related in an interview in RNE the chaos that is being experienced at the Kabul airport, where it is about evacuating the Spaniards and Afghan collaborators after the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban.

Robles has assured that the situation is “dramatic” to explain why so far Spanish planes have not been able to evacuate more people from Kabul. At the moment, a first plane arrived at Torrejón de Ardoz at dawn on Thursday, with 53 people. A second Spanish armed forces plane took off from Kabul airport this morning with 110 people evacuated from Afghanistan, including three entire families of Embassy personnel.


The Defense Minister has given as an example of the chaos that is experienced at the airport, the situation experienced by “one of the people who entered one of the planes with his family, lost one of his daughters in one of the avalanches. who has stayed in Kabul. ” Robles did not want to give more information about the identity of this family and has insisted on narrating the difficulty of the rescue, in “a process of great chaos” with “avalanches and injuries.”

“There is an avalanche of people and Spanish collaborators who try to enter the airport, we cannot allow ourselves the luxury of not entering or being identified by the Taliban,” he declared, citing as an example the case of a group of Spanish collaborating interpreters who could not enter at the airport before the eyes of the Spanish military: “They saw them from afar, but it was impossible, neither the interpreters could take a step towards the door nor we could do anything to help them.”

The minister has not seen it possible to establish a safe corridor at the airport. “At this moment it is impossible because outside the airport there is no control of the situation,” he explained.



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