An Ex-cartel Demands The Postal Service To Work On Sundays

Pennsylvania – A former Pennsylvania cartel sued the Postal Service, accusing him of violating his religious rights by forcing him to work on Sundays.

Gerald Groff, who considers himself an evangelical Christian, filed the lawsuit on Friday against the federal agency, claiming he was fired because he refused to work on Sundays.

The lawsuit claims that Groff “showed flexibility” towards his employer by offering to work nights, Saturdays and holidays to compensate for Sundays.


Groff, who worked for seven years in the Postal Service, claims that the agency suddenly stopped accepting exceptions and “disciplined it unnecessarily,” according to a statement issued Monday by its lawyers. Disciplinary measures included suspensions of up to two weeks.

“In a free and respectful society, the government must recognize the differences among the population that exalt us, instead of punishing us for being different, particularly when those differences emanate from our sincere religious beliefs,” said David Crossett, one of Groff’s lawyers. .

The Postal Service will not give statements on the case because it is an ongoing litigation, a spokesperson told Lancaster Online.

The lawsuit requires that Groff be allowed to return to his post, with a schedule acceptable to him, with late pay and compensation for emotional damage. It also requires the agency to implement equality policies for those who for religious reasons cannot work on Saturdays or Sundays.