An Iberia Plane Will Leave Uruguay For Europe With 288 Stranded Passengers

A plane from the Spanish airline Iberia will transport 288 passengers of different European nationalities this Saturday as part of the efforts carried out by the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry for the repatriation of stranded citizens in other countries due to the COVID-19 coronavirus.


As confirmed by Efe sources from Iberia, a complete aircraft “with 288 passengers” will take off at 2.20 pm (17.20 GMT) from the Carrasco International Airport, on the outskirts of Montevideo, bound for Madrid.

This plane is the same one that this Friday landed in the South American country with 170 Uruguayans who were “stranded” in different countries in Europe and who were received by the Uruguayan foreign minister, Ernesto Talvi, he explained himself in his official Twitter account.

“After days of uncertainty without knowing if they would return, we received 170 Uruguayans who were stranded in Europe. And today, although a little far away, they can see their families and be at home. They arrived on the exceptional Iberia flight. This is #OperaciónTodosEnCasa “, wrote the former presidential candidate of the Colorado Party (PC, center-right).

The chancellor himself had written hours before on the same social network that the authorities had coordinated “extremely strict health protocols” to ensure “the health of the arriving passengers, their family members and society in general.”

Sources from the Foreign Ministry and the Spanish embassy in Montevideo consulted by Efe confirmed that on the flight that will take off this Saturday there will be “Spanish and other nationality” passengers.

Hundreds of Uruguayans who had stayed in other countries and hundreds of citizens from nations as diverse as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil or the United Kingdom have participated in the last few days in different return flights or the so-called “humanitarian corridors”.

In these, the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry facilitated the safe transfer between the port of Montevideo, where the cruises they were trapped in when the crisis broke out arrived, and the airport from which they would return to their countries.

Uruguay registers 274 affected cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus, according to the latest figures offered this Friday by the Government of Luis Lacalle Pou, which established on March 13, when the first four positives were announced, a “health emergency”, if well there is no mandatory quarantine.



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