An Intense Cold Affects The North Central United States

Chicago – A part of the northern center of the United States was covered with snow and freezing temperatures on Tuesday due to an intense winter storm.

The United States National Meteorological Service predicted unprecedented temperatures over an area that ranges from the southern plains to the Mississippi River Valley and the Great Lakes, due to an Arctic phenomenon originating in Siberia and moving to the center North and East of the United States.

They will fall to a foot of snow in the northeast between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, which will likely create dangerous conditions for travel. Temperatures will be freezing even in traditionally warm Texas.


Temperatures are expected to break records in Chicago, reaching 21 degrees Fahrenheit, below the current record, set on November 12, said meteorologist Kevin Birk. Temperatures will also drop in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Temperatures could break records in Chicago. (AP)

In Minnesota, the temperature had not been so cold in three decades, registering 18 ° F and some lakes in the state have frozen much earlier than normal.

"This is a rather typical weather phenomenon in January, not November," Birk said. "It is the coldest thing there has been in this region at this time of the year and will probably set records."

In some parts the thermometer dropped suddenly. In Denver, after temperatures were 70 ° F over the weekend, they fell to 14 ° F on Monday.

The bad weather hindered the transit in the center-north and four people died from that cause, authorities said.

Two 81 and 64-year-old women and a 57-year-old man died in a road crash in Eaton County, Michigan, local police said. In Kansas, an 8-year-old girl died in another accident, the Highway Patrol reported.

Meanwhile, in Wyoming, a young autistic 16-year-old is missing, authorities said.

On Monday in Chicago there was so much snow at O'Hare Airport that a plane slipped and left the airstrip, but no one was injured. More than 1,000 flights at O'Hare and Midway Airport were canceled after more than three inches of snow fell.

More than 1,000 flights have been canceled after more than three inches of snow fell. (AP)

Snow and cold are also predicted in the northeast for Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in Pennsylvania.