An NGO Denounces Jair Bolsonaro Before The International Criminal Court For The Deforestation Of The Amazon

An NGO denounces Jair Bolsonaro before the International Criminal Court for the deforestation of the Amazon

The AllRise organization has denounced Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, for allegedly committing crimes against humanity, as a result of the actions of his Government against the Amazon.

“Their actions are a generalized attack against the Amazon, its inhabitants and its defenders. They not only have as a consequence persecution, murder and inhuman suffering in the region, but also for the entire world population,” the NGO argues in a note. press.


“Being the lung of our planet, the destruction of the Amazon biome affects us all. In our complaint we presented evidence that shows how Bolsonaro’s actions are directly connected with the negative impacts of climate change,” explains the founder of AllRise, Johannes Wesemann.

Specifically, the NGO has requested that Bolsonaro be investigated because his actions endanger the Amazon and may have “dire” consequences for humanity.

Among other aspects, AllRise comments that the Bolsonaro Executive has promoted deforestation by eliminating and ignoring the laws, agencies and people in charge of ensuring the well-being of the jungle. As an example, their administration has reduced fines for illegal logging by 42%.

In addition, the NGO points out that deforestation and forest fires have reached record levels and ensures that approximately 4,000 km2 / year of the total area that has been deforested in the Brazilian Amazon is attributed to the actions of the national government.

The activists ask that he be investigated for these alleged environmental crimes – at least three other complaints have already been filed against Bolsonaro for this – and, for this, they have detailed the total impact that Bolsonaro’s actions, by fueling the climate crisis, will have on human health and life around the world.

According to the NGO’s calculations, emissions attributable to the Brazilian government, based on current climate commitments, will cause more than 180,000 heat-related deaths worldwide over the next 80 years.

The problem is that, as AllRise points out, deforestation in parts of the Amazon biome already releases more CO2 than the rest of the Amazon absorbs. This increase in CO2 in our atmosphere is one of the reasons for the increase in temperatures and the global climate crisis, with serious repercussions for human health.



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