An Unexpected Decision! Harvey Weinstein Arranges Release From Prison?

A couple of weeks ago, Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood woman abuser received a conviction for his sentence. He was found guilty of harassing production assistant Mimi Haley and aspiring actress Jessica Mann. For this reason, he must spend 23 years in prison.

However, a strange decision came this Wednesday. According to the AFP news agency, the American film producer he was transferred to another prison. Previously, he was in the maximum security prison on Rikers Island. Related News Now, Weinstein was taken to the Downstate Correctional Facility prison, located in northern Manhattan, New York.

However, according to different media, this will not be the place where the creator of the production company “Miramax” your sentence will pass.


This is a momentary measure, although the maximum security prison where the billionaire businessman will be transferred to is still unknown.

Since March 11, Harvey Weinstein has been held on Rikers Island, where he learned of his conviction for the crimes committed.

Furthermore, the attorneys for the founder of “The Weinstein Company” have expressed concern about the number of years the defendant received. They think it could threaten his life, in the same way that Jeffrey Epstein did.