Ana Bárbara And Mariana Levy’s Daughter Surprise With An Impromptu Duet

The singer and her stepdaughter demonstrate with this video how close they are although they have not lived together for 10 years

It has been known for years that the relationship between Ana Barbara and the children of the deceased Mariana Levy it’s very good. So much so that the singer does not lose the opportunity to dedicate emotional messages to congratulate them on their birthdays.


For the interpreter of Bandit The three brothers are her children, so she loves them and so she has fun with them, just as a video posted by her has just reflected.

In the clip, which lasts several seconds, you see Ana Barbara Y Paula Leaving somewhere. But they don’t do it in a common way, but very much in their style, that is, singing Breaking chains, one of the singles of his album of the same name and that was published in 2009.

The video shows how a time comes when Paula he sings without the support of his ex-stepmother, which reveals the great talent he has not only for singing but also for rapping, a skill that apparently Ana Barbara admire

“With so many children I never feel alone. If one does not accompany me, another one accompanies me! @Paulalevyy #RompiendoCadenas,” he wrote Ana Barbara

, making it evident that he continues to frequent the children of Mariana Levy

As for your relationship with Paula, you can say that it is very close. Last year and on the occasion of the girl’s 18th birthday, Ana Barbara He wrote a very emotional message in which he expresses everything he feels for her.

“I want to tell you that it has been a beautiful experience to be your mother here on Earth, that you have been a beautiful daughter and that what you define as a difficult child, in reality and in the strict sense, all you have been is a child and in She has definitely been a wonderful daughter. That you have had your moments of tremendous hahahaha, yes, but what defines your life is that inner power that you have had and from the first moment I saw you, I felt the overwhelming energy with which being You practically hugged me and you said to me: ‘Can I tell you mom?’ a piece of my soul, ”he assured her Ana Barbara.

The singer married José María FernándezPirru”(Widower of Mariana Levi) in 2006 and divorced him in 2010.