Ana De La Reguera Will Star In The New Movie Of The Purge

Ana de la Reguera will star in the new movie of The Purge | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera will be the protagonist of the next film in the saga of horror films "The Purge", which tells the story of an alternative reality where one day a year allows all kinds of crimes in the US, Included take away life.

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The filming of the new installment begins next month according to the specialized newspaper The Hollywood Reporter, who today reported exclusively the main participation of Ana.

James DeMonaco is in charge of the creation of this franchise, he wrote and directed the first 3 installments, he will be the one who will prepare the script for the new installment, which is expected to premiere on July 10, 2020, has no title yet official.

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As reported in the new plot of this installment of The Purge, it will bring the issue of the cities to which we were accustomed, although at the same time it will focus on class and race problems violently, as we could see in previous films .

Ana de la Reguera is currently the protagonist of the "Goliath" series, created by Billy Bob Thornton, which recently began airing its third season on Amazon Prime Video.

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"After 11 years in the US, the dream role has come to me, a leading character, next to an amazing actor (Billy Bob Thornton) and with such a powerful producer. Everything I would have wanted, I am already doing it. I know where I am going and I do not waste time on what I do not want to do, "said the actress in an interview with Efe, on the occasion of the premiere of the second season of the series.

Ana de la Reguera is well known by the spectators in the role of Marisol Silva, a woman who aspires to become the first Latin mayor of Los Angeles (California) and who sees how the road to victory becomes more complicated at every step remains.

"I had never interpreted someone in politics. I liked the complexity of the decisions you must make, even if you don't want to, to win the elections. On that road, your dreams and ideals are falling. You will see that you must be corrupted to survive in that world, "he concluded.

The actress, who also participated in films such as "Nacho Libre" or "Cowboys & Aliens," said at the time that "Goliath" has been her best experience in Hollywood so far. We'll see if this changes after your participation in "The Purge".