Ana Patricia Gámez And Her Secret To Being Fit And Healthy

After becoming a mother for the second time, Ana Patricia Gámez made the firm decision to recover her pre-mom figure and did so based on exercise, a lot of discipline and a balanced diet. And although it seems like a simple recipe, the presenter of Enamorándonos revealed that she also put aside sugary drinks, a small change that made her see excellent results in her health and, of course, in her figure.

Ana Patricia Gámez has a lot of discipline to perform the exercise routines indicated by her coach

Ana Patricia Gámez was with Raúl de Molina in one of the panels of the People in Spanish Festival, where she revealed that although she cares a lot about her health, she rarely visits the doctor. The former Nuestra Belleza Latina assured that since July 10, 2018, when her son Gael was born, she has not been in a consultation.


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What it does take into account is the lifestyle and healthy diet that follows to stay away from the offices. And one of his secrets is to drink natural water instead of sodas and processed beverages, a bad habit he had since childhood.

“I left the sodas and all that are processed beverages. Culturally in Mexico we grew up drinking soda; You had breakfast, lunch and dinner with soda. It is something that took me many years to take it off as usual, ”he said next to Raul de Molina, who also talked about his eating habits.

Ana Patricia Gámez revealed that she set aside processed beverages

The variety of food on a common day for Ana Patricia Gámez

What is a reality is that the change in the presenter's physique was noticeable. Now it looks fresher thanks to a lifestyle in which it combines exercise with a balanced diet.

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When asked about what she eats on a normal day, the Mexican said that it is not always the same because besides being a food lover, she has no preference between the landlady and that of a restaurant. "In the morning I eat an oatmeal, I think the oatmeal is healthy and then I make some eggs when I return from leaving the girl at school," he said

The host of 'Falling in love' looks much fresher thanks to her balanced diet and exercise routine that keeps her fit

Along with the sacrifices she has made when she goes on a diet, Ana Patricia has a fairly heavy exercise routine, as she has documented herself in her social networks. But even in the moments that require more effort, the presenter has the courage of her eldest daughter, Giulietta, who motivated her to continue moving forward imitating the repetitions in the gym.