Anahí Shares Unpublished Photos Of Her Last Pregnancy

The singer does not want the photos she took during her pregnancy to be saved, so in recent days she shared several of them through Instagram.

It was last November, when Anahí exclusively revealed to Who who was expecting her second child. Months later, in February, Emiliano was born, news that the exRBD released through his Instagram account.


Although she usually carries out a discreet activity on social networks, Anahí could not avoid sharing unpublished images of her pregnancy, since for a few days she assured that she had kept many saved photos that she would have loved to share with her almost 7 million followers in Instagram.

So in recent days he chose to share several images accompanied by the legend: “Our body is transformed and in the most incredible way it surprises us. I never want to forget these moments. Magical, unique and real ”.

In a few hours, the publication registered more than 447 thousand likes, in addition to which his followers thanked him for sharing those special moments. “Very pretty”, “You are from another planet”, “Perfect! I love you very much ”,“ Beautiful ”,“ You deserve so much and everything, thank you for everything you have given us ”and many emojis of hearts were some of the reactions of his fans.

The post included the famous photo he uploaded Anahí in their networks 14 days after giving birth to Emiliano, which he talked about in episode 17 of his podcast.

“First, I do have to confess that it took me about four hours to ‘upload it or not upload it’, but suddenly I think that (we should not judge ourselves) (…) why we are the first to” is that I am chubby Is it because I have a fish market, is it that I look bad? ‘, why don’t we also cheer ourselves a little bit? (…) Why are we always seeing the one next to us or the one in front? ”He declared. “I want to clarify that I am not exercising, I exercise when I pass the quarantine, but I dress like this because it is very comfortable to bring leggings because right now the clothes that fit you are that,” the singer shared.