Anahí’s Honest Response After Criticism For Her Rapid Weight Loss

The singer and actress clarifies that she still does not exercise, but that she takes care of herself as she always has.

Anahí aired another episode of his podcast They are there leading to the side of Marichelo, his older sister. On this occasion the guest of honor was her own singer who answered questions from the public.


Among them, it served to clarify the photograph he shared a few days ago in which your body is seen 14 days after giving birth to his son Emiliano, an image that caused controversy, because people thought they were totally dedicated to losing weight at any cost.

“How is it possible that I am exercising?” Was the doubt of the followers of Anahí to which he replied:

“First, I do have to confess that it took me four hours in ‘I climb it or not I upload it’, but suddenly I think we should not judge ourselves. Why don’t we throw ourselves a bit of ourselves? Why do we always are we looking at the one next to it or the one in front? ”

“I want to clarify that I am not exercising, I exercise when I spend the quarantine, but I dress like this because it is very comfortable to bring leggins because right now the clothes that suit you are that,” he replied Anahí.

The singer and actress also accepted that she still needs a lot to regain her ideal weight. “I think the body is wonderful, giving birth to a baby, a human being and suddenly how you start to see that your body recovers everything. Obviously it is not fast and I need a lot to be how I want to be, I need a lot, but there I go and there I put it.

On the other hand, Anahí He also answered a question related to the famous dinner in which the six members of the RBD group met, where he was as a guest Manuel Velasco, husband of the singer, who did not know in person the other members of the band.