And Suddenly You Find Out That Your Ex Is With Gaga: This Is How This “common” Girl Reacted

Imagine you open a magazine and see that your ex is dating the pop star, that’s what happened to Lindsay Crouse and her reaction was the best.

In view of the discretion with which Lady Gaga has handled her current relationship with Michael Polansky, the mysterious man with whom he was seen kissing and kissing the Super Bowl weekend, it is not too surprising that the news that his current boyfriend’s ex wrote an article for the New York Times – entitled ‘The new girlfriend of My ex is Lady Gaga’- I ran like gunpowder.


Until now it was only known that the current pop star boyfriend is a Harvard graduate who currently runs a foundation dedicated to immunotherapy research as a cancer treatment and created by Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook. However, it has now been revealed that he previously had a seven-year courtship with a journalist named Lindsay Crouse, who told how “a common woman” reacts after learning that her university ex is dating one of the most famous women in the world.

“How does one compare with Lady Gaga?” Is the question she tries to answer. She learned about the news earlier this month, when her cell phone began to receive a lot of messages: Lady Gaga had ‘formalized’ her latest romance by sharing a photo with her new guy on Instagram just the day after the sports date and Lindsay’s acquaintances soon recognized Michael.

“My former friends at the university liked the publication, like three million others,” he explains. “If you’ve ever googled the new partner of one of your ex (be honest, you’ve done it), then you’ve probably played a certain game with yourself. Or you’re just curious, which is normal and healthy, or you want to know how you look. you in comparison. In an ideal world, your ex’s life did not improve much without you. In this particular case, however, that possibility does not exist. “

The solution he has found to avoid odious comparisons is to think “that used to be me” when he sees an image of the singer and his ex, instead of asking “why not me.”

On the other hand, Lindsay He only praises Gaga, and insists that analyzing his current situation taking the music star as a reference is very motivating: “The point is that Lady Gaga He leads the ambitious lifestyle that we keep repeating that all women should embrace. I remember reading a quote from him, probably on Instagram, that said: ‘Never let anyone in this world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you want to be.’ “

Regarding her ex, whom she doesn’t mention by name, the journalist explains that they aren’t even friends on Facebook anymore – apparently he blocked her after her breakup – but she knows that Michael saw a photo she shared recently on Instagram with his current fiance.

“I realized that deep down we are all the same: strangers, smiling on a screen,” he concludes.