Andrea Legarreta’s Funeral Ready? They Say They Have Everything Ready

Andrea Legarreta’s funeral ready? they say they have everything ready | Instagram

Due to the sudden news that Magda Rodriguez, producer of the Hoy program and the boss of Andrea Legarreta lost her life, the host decided to share something that perhaps was surprising for a long time and that is that the businesswoman said that she had already planned her funeral according to certain claims they have made.

On November 1, the entertainment world received shocking news as well as sudden, and that is that the producer and also actress Magda Rodríguez lost her life unexpectedly, this caused great commotion in everyone who treated her throughout her career and her life or that he also had the opportunity to know a little about the projects in which he participated, which were mostly successful.


Obviously the people who were most affected after the news of his departure were his daughter Andrea Escalona and his own sister Andrea Rodríguez, who will replace her as a producer on the Hoy program, news that Andrea Legarreta herself shared to the media.

This year 2020 has brought great entertainment and entertainment personalities not only Mexicans but also international personalities, whenever a scoop of this type is shared, we are plunged into great sadness.

For some people, perhaps talking about the departure of a loved one or perhaps thinking about ours, is something quite complicated, however, for the driver, businesswoman and also actress Andrea Legarreta it was quite easy and practical, since she already has planned what it is. he wants it to happen in the event that she fails.

This idea arose because Andrea Escalona commented that she had not spoken with her mother in relation to a possible departure, she even assured that she did not know that she was sick so the surprise and perhaps, the strong despair for not knowing what to do in this such a sudden situation, they delved into the driver and their colleagues and friends were reflected in her.

Unlike his driving partner Andrea Legarreta commented that he had already spoken with his family and that he had even prepared his will according to the Heraldo portal, it was commented that Erik Rubín’s wife had perhaps already made plans for the funeral, the The portal also added that the driver had spoken with her daughters and stressed that far from worrying about her, that she wanted them to worry precisely about living fully and joyfully, she has even given them indications of what she wants for her funeral in a precise way.

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Legarreta apparently mentioned that he would like his daughters to dress in white and sing one of their favorite songs from the One Republic group, this single is entitled “I Live”, he also asked them not to be sad, but instead dance and They will sing their favorite song, which is about a person who has lived his life to the full in both good times and bad.

Andrea Legarreta has become one of the most beloved celebrities in all of Mexico, especially for his participation in the morning show in which he has been driving for around 20 years.

You could say that she is one of the few actresses who has not been involved in controversy, on the contrary, she is always a pretty smiling, cheerful, friendly woman who does not like to get into trouble with anyone, for that reason she is well loved and respected by all her fans, co-workers, family and friends.

It is important that these types of topics are discussed with the family because one day we are well but instantly we can miss them, although it is painful, we believe that it is a topic that should be seen at some point in our lives.

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