Andrew Yang Retires From The Race For The Democratic Nomination

Manchester – Entrepreneur Andrew Yang on Tuesday left the race for the Democratic nomination for the November elections in the United States, disappointed by the projections of primary results in New Hampshire.

“I am a man of numbers,” he said in an interview before appearing before his followers in Manchester, according to The Washington Post.

Yang felt that he will not be on the threshold where he obtains enough delegates to conquer the Democratic candidacy, which he considered “makes staying not necessarily useful or productive in terms of boosting the objectives of this campaign.”


With 31% scrutinized, the projections of the results in the primaries placed Yang in eighth place, with 2.9%.

The entrepreneur, who launched his campaign in 2017, had been able to participate in the seven debates organized by the Democratic Party, the last of which took place last Friday in New Hampshire.

On his Twitter account, Yang had declared himself proud of the campaign. “Thank you to everyone who brought us here.”

Also on Tuesday, Senator Michael Bennet announced the end of his campaign after harvesting just 0.1% of the votes.

With the departure of Yang and Bennet, there are only nine Democrats still campaigning.

After the chaotic Iowa caucuses, in which winners both leftist Bernie Sanders and moderate Pete Buttigieg were proclaimed, the Democratic candidates came to New Hampshire to inaugurate their primaries.

Sanders started with the advantage that he has won in this state in 2016 with 60% of the vote and being a senator of neighboring Vermont, but Buttigieg enjoys the surprise factor that already exploded in Iowa.

New Hampshire has voted Democrat to the White House in the last four elections, but in 2016 Hillary Clinton beat Trump by just over 2,500 votes, so the president has pledged to redraw the state in the general elections of November.



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